Trademark FAQ

The parties have agreed to settle the opposition case by amending the identification of goods in the involved application. Do I file directly with the trademark examining attorney or do I need to request remand to the examining attorney?

If a proceeding has been commenced and is still pending at the TTAB, you or your counsel must file the amendment with the TTAB. The Examining Attorney does not have jurisdiction over the case while a proceeding is pending at the TTAB. The TTAB will consider the amendment and, if appropriate, enter it into the application file. See TBMP § 514. However, if an opposition is not yet pending, and the application is only under threat of an opposition because of the filing of an extension of time to oppose, you or your attorney may file a post publication amendment. If you wish to file such an amendment, you may do so by using the post publication amendment form available on-line via the Trademark Electronic Application System “TEAS“. In the latter circumstance, you and the potential opposer should note that the Board will not suspend the running of the extended opposition period to accommodate processing of the post publication amendment.

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