Trademark FAQ

Does TEAS work with a Blackberry?

A Blackberry can be used to sign a TEAS form (using the e-signature approach), with certain workaround steps. Do not click directly on the provided link (i.e., at, e.g., “To sign Trademark/Service Mark Application, Principal Register electronically, please CLICK HERE,”); otherwise, an error will result. Instead, you must copy the long link provided beneath the above (i.e., e.g.… ). Then, go to the web browser and paste in the entire link. By way of example, here are specific instructions presented to the USPTO by a Blackberry user: 1). Go into the T-zones web browser (browser provided by this user’s service provider, i.e., T-mobile); 2). Click “Track wheel” and select “Paste;” 3). Click “Track wheel” again, and select “O.K.;” 4). This should result in the signature page being displayed, wherein the signature and date can be entered.

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