Feldmann; Marc

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Patent applications and USPTO patent grants for Feldmann; Marc.The latest application filed is for "method for preventing or reducing post-operative cognitive dysfunction (pocd)".

Company Profile
  • Feldmann; Marc - London GB
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Patent Activity
Method For Preventing Or Reducing Post-operative Cognitive Dysfunction (pocd)
App 20200123245 - Maze; Mervyn ;   et al.
Method of treating a localized fibrotic disorder using an IL-33 antagonist
Grant 10,500,273 - Larsen , et al. Dec
Method Of Treating Localized Fibrotic Disorders Using An Il-33/tnf Bispecific Antibody
App 20190225682 - Nanchahal; Jagdeep ;   et al.
Method Of Treating Systemic Fibrotic Disorders Using An Il-33/tnf Bispecific Antibody
App 20190202907 - Nanchahal; Jagdeep ;   et al.
Use of cannabinoids as anti-inflammatory agents
Grant 6,410,588 - Feldmann , et al.

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