Binney & Smith Inc.

Application Filed: 1982-09-07
Trademark Application Details
Trademark Logo CRAYOLA
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Serial Number73383650
Registration Number1238438
Mark Drawing Code1000: Typeset: Word(s)/letter(s)/number(s)
Cancellation Code2
Attorney NameDavid B. Miller
Law Office Assigned550


1981-09-00Date of First Use
1982-09-07Application Filed
1983-02-22Published for Opposition
1983-05-17Trademark Registered
1989-10-11Status: Dead/Cancelled
1994-05-28Location: FILE DESTROYED
2018-07-07Transaction Date

Trademark Applicants & Owners

Owner: Binney & Smith Inc.
Address 1100 Church La. Easton DE 18042
Legal Entity TypeCorporation
Legal Entity StateDE


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Attorney of Record

David B. Miller
Arthur, Dry & Kalish
Rockefeller Center
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York NY 10020

Good, Services, and Codes

International Codes:24
U.S. Codes:042
Type CodeType
GS0241Textile Handkerchiefs

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MarkSerial NumberRelationship Number
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Trademark Filing History

DescriptionDateEvent Coding
APPROVED FOR PUB - PRINCIPAL REGISTER1983-01-071 CNSA O:Outgoing Correspondence
NOTICE OF PUBLICATION1983-01-182 NPUB F:First Action
REGISTERED-PRINCIPAL REGISTER1983-05-173 R.PR A:Allowance for Publication
PUBLISHED FOR OPPOSITION1983-02-224 PUBO A:Allowance for Publication
REGISTERED-PRINCIPAL REGISTER1983-05-175 R.PR A:Allowance for Publication
CANCELLED SEC. 8 (6-YR)1989-10-116 C8.. O:Outgoing Correspondence

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