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How do I avoid timing out of a TEAS and TEASi form after 30 minutes of inactivity?

Certain actions reset the inactivity timer and keep your session alive. Actions that count as activity include:

  • Changing pages within the form using the “Go Back” or ”Continue” navigation buttons at the bottom of each page.
  • Uploading attachments to TEAS.
  • Choosing “Yes, keep me signed in” on the inactivity pop-up warning.

Actions that do not count as activity include:

  • Typing in a text field. Please consider typing lengthy responses into a separate document first and then pasting them into the form.
  • Browsing the ID manual inside of TEAS and checking the boxes of identifications does not count as activity until you insert the checked entries in the form.
  • Clicking hyperlinks or help text links in the TEAS or TEASi form.
  • Checking boxes and radio buttons. Since some boxes and radio buttons behave differently than others, assume none of them count as activity.

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