LIU; Yolanda

Patent Applications and Registrations

Patent applications and USPTO patent grants for LIU; Yolanda.The latest application filed is for "offline storage system and method of use".

Company Profile
  • LIU; Yolanda - Arlington VA
  • Liu; Yolanda - San Francisco CA
*profile and listings may contain filings by different individuals or companies with the same name. Review application materials to confirm ownership/assignment.
Patent Activity
Trust Platform
App 20200104852 - DOUGLAS, JR.; Lawrence Hutchison ;   et al.
Trust Platform
App 20200104850 - DOUGLAS, JR.; Lawrence Hutchison ;   et al.
System And Method For Using Images To Authenticate A User
App 20200042682 - JOHNSON; Clayton ;   et al.
Offline Storage System And Method Of Use
App 20190318356 - Martin; Philip ;   et al.

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