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Julie Davis

Trademark applications and grants for Julie Davis. Julie Davis has 2 trademark applications. The latest application filed is for "JULZ SCENTZ"

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  • Julie Davis
Address 2509 SW 91st St Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA UNITED STATES 73159

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Trademark Applications
U.S. Import Records [external site]
Import IDShipmentCargo DescriptionQuantity
2020060325360Yantian,China (Mainland) -> Oakland, CaliforniaMOSQUITO LAMP1 PCS
2020060130381Yantian,China (Mainland) -> Oakland, CaliforniaPILLOW1 PCS
2020060169995Yantian,China (Mainland) -> Oakland, CaliforniaLAMP BULB1 PCS
2020052581235Yantian,China (Mainland) -> Oakland, CaliforniaGARLIC PRESS1 PCS
2020051645955Yantian,China (Mainland) -> Oakland, CaliforniaSWEATSHIRT1 PCS
2020051171293Yantian,China (Mainland) -> Oakland, CaliforniaSHOES SOCKS1 PCS
2020051175807Yantian,China (Mainland) -> Oakland, CaliforniaSOCK SOCK SOCK1 PCS

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