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Google LLC

Application Filed: 2022-04-26
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The mark consists of a square design with rounded corners and green, yellow, red, and blue curved bands displayed horizontally. The blue band is larger with a downward slope that rises on the right side.

Mark For: This trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of downloadable and recorded software for facilitating commercial transactions through electronic means via wireless networks, global computer networks and mobile telecommunication devices; Downloadable and recorded software for enabling processing of electronic funds transfers and payments made via ACH, credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, wireless wallets, mobile wallets, electronic wallets, electronic check and electronic, mobile and online payments; Downloadable and recorded software for organizing, storing, providing access to, redeeming, scanning, sharing, and providing information about goods, services, discounts, tickets, boarding passes, admission tickets, transit passes, coupons, rebates, discounts, event tickets, vaccination cards, incentive programs, gift cards, special offers, rewards, and consumer loyalty programs; Downloadable and recorded software for processing, facilitating, verifying, and authenticating mobile payments and contactless transactions with retailers, merchants, and vendors using a mobile device; Downloadable and recorded software for capturing, managing, and storing credit card and debit card information.


2022-04-29 UTC
LIVE APPLICATION Awaiting Examination
The trademark application has been accepted by the Office (has met the minimum filing requirements) and has not yet been assigned to an examiner.

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Serial Number97382423
Mark Literal ElementsNone
Mark Drawing Type-
Mark TypeTrademark, Service Mark
Standard Character ClaimNo
Current LocationNEW APPLICATION PROCESSING 2022-04-29
Class StatusACTIVE
Primary US Classes
  • 021: Electrical Apparatus, Machines and Supplies
  • 023: Cutlery, Machinery, Tools and Parts Thereof
  • 026: Measuring and Scientific Appliances
  • 036: Musical Instruments and Supplies
  • 038: Prints and Publications
Primary International Class
  • 009 - Primary Class
  • (Electrical and scientific apparatus) Scientific, nautical, surveying, electric, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signaling, checking (supervision), lifesaving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; automatic vending machines and mechanisms for coin operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment and computers; fire-extinguishing apparatus.
Filed UseNo
Current UseNo
Intent To UseYes
Filed ITUYes
44D FiledNo
44E CurrentNo
66A CurrentNo
Current BasisNo
No BasisNo
Attorney NameScott Ceresia
Attorney Docket NumberGT-1871-US-1


2022-04-26Application Filed
2022-04-29Status: Live/Pending
2022-04-29Status: New application will be assigned to an examining attorney approximately 6 months after filing date.
2022-04-30Transaction Date

Trademark Parties (Applicants & Owners)

Party: Google LLC
Address1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CALIFORNIA UNITED STATES 94043
Legal Entity TypeLimited Liability Company
Legal Entity StateDELAWARE



Design Search Codes

260921Squares that are completely or partially shaded
261709Lines, curved; Curved line(s), band(s) or bar(s); Bars, curved; Bands, curved

Attorney of Record


Good, Services, and Codes

International Codes:9
U.S. Codes:021,023,026,036,038
International Codes:36
U.S. Codes:100,101,102
International Codes:42
U.S. Codes:100,101
Type CodeType
DM0000The mark consists of a square design with rounded corners and green, yellow, red, and blue curved bands displayed horizontally. The blue band is larger with a downward slope that rises on the right side.

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